Club M. A. D.

Music - Art - Drama

The first day of Club MAD is Wednesday, September 6, 2017.  Club MAD buses will pick up at 3:00pm from the schools and end at 5:15 pm. If room is available, children may sign up throughout the semester. Children are placed in one of the choirs by grade in school. All Club MAD leaders and shepherds have completed Ministry Safe Training.

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Annual tuition per child is $30.00 (includes t-shirt, supplies, etc.) Maximum tuition per family is $45.00. If scholarship assistance is needed, please contact Kim Schultz at 817-326-4242. Please note which tuition applies to you.*
Who will pick up your child? If multiple people will be picking up your child or children, we must have a list of their names and phone numbers or we will not release your chilldren to them. We will ask to see driver's license if we do not know them. Please provide names and phone numbers here.
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There will be times when we take the Club M.A.D. children on a "field trip". I give Acton UMC permission to take my child(ren) on the field trips.*
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Bus will pick up from (parents pick up children at 5:15pm in the CLC) *Capacity for our buses is 68 children after that is reached parents will be asked to provide transportation to the church.
Statement of Treatment / Medical and photo release
In case or needed emergency medical treatment, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Acton United Methodist Church to secure treatment for my child, as named above. I further authorize Lake Granbury Hospital to release pertinent information to Acton staff for the purpose of parental/guardian notification. I recognize the natural risks of injury or disability inherent in my child's participation in Club M.A.D. at Acton UMC and hereby assume the risk of injury that could result from these activities. I release Acton United Methodist Church, their staff, and volunteers from liability for injury to my child from participation in these and other programs. I give permission for my child's photo(s) to be utilized at the discretion of Acton United Methodist Church staff, which includes the Acton United Methodist Church website. I undertand that no names will be used with the photographs. Please type parent/guardian full legal name to serve as an electronic signature*