Explanation of Designated Funds


General Fund

The church operates from the general fund. We pay utilities, programs, apportionments, and administrative costs with the general fund.

Building Fund

The building fund is currently being used to pay off the Note; the building fund was used to build the education wing, remodel the kitchen, and build the welcome center and library.

Benevolence Fund

The benevolence fund is used at the discretion of the pastors to assist those in need in our local area.

Praise Team

The praise team fund goes to media and sound equipment for worship services as well as cameras and other broadcasting equipment.

Local Missions

This fund is used at the discretion of the Outreach Team based on need in the local area.

Preschool Supplies

This fund helps supplement the budgeted funds needed to run the preschool.

Project 44

Project 44 is a farm that provides food for local agencies and families in need. Project 44 also reconditions cars to provide to families in need.

Learn more at www.project-44.org.

Rancho Brazos

This fund supports our Rancho Brazos Community Center.

Youth Ministries

This fund is used at the discretion of the Director of Student Ministries for any youth activities.


If you give to this fund, please give detailed information about your memorial in the comment section.

People Helping People

"People Hellping People" is a local organization that provides food and clothing for families in need.

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room helps provide for children’s needs that are in the Child Protection Services program.

Preschool Tuition

Use this fund to pay your preschool tuition.


Please leave an explanation in the comment area.